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Canadian Lighthouses

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With significant coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the St. Lawrence River, and the Great Lakes, Canada has hundreds of lighthouses that have faithfully served mariners through the years. Using photographs, information, and insights gathered while visiting most of the country’s nearly 700 lighthouses, Kraig Anderson has developed to help others learn about lighthouses and plan their own visits to these historic structures. This app is tailored to present this content on your mobile device with the following useful features:• Have historical information read out loud while you drive to a lighthouse• View maps showing the location of lighthouses in each province• Transfer GPS coordinates to a navigation app to help you reach a lighthouse• Record the date of your visit to each lighthouse along with any personal notes• Track the number of lighthouses you’ve visited by province• Backup your data on Google Drive and sync it across your devices• Filter the lighthouses to show only those that interest you• List and map lighthouses nearest to you• Discovery Mode: get automatically notified of nearby lighthouses as you wander around• Search lighthouses by name within the app or from your home screen using "OK Google, search for ... in Canadian Lighthouses". Example: "Ok Google, search for Green Island in Canadian Lighthouses"
Intuitive icons are shown for each lighthouse to quickly help you determine if, among other things, a lighthouse is easily accessible, open for climbing, offers overnight accommodations, has appeared in a movie, and if it is reportedly haunted.
A picture and information on each lighthouse are available without a data connection, but a data connection is needed to view maps and the full gallery of images.